Did you know there are two sides to your metabolism, a building side and a using side? One is ruled by insulin, and the other is ruled by cortisol. It is the hormonal balance between these two sides that determines your health, your longevity, and the quality of your life.

If you think you’re out of balance, too fat, too tired, too blue, you could be suffering from an imbalanced metabolism. Silent inflammation may be ruining your health and keeping you fat!

Here’s how to get started:
Go to my Contact page and send me an email or, go to my home page and click on Become a Patient Today. Here you will find my health history forms.These forms, along with any current lab test results, will help me design an individual consultation based on your health status and current health needs.

Our first consultation will be about 11⁄2 hours, and will consist of the following:
• A review of your health history
• A determination of where you’re at with either a damaged or healthy metabolism
• A decision about your health goals
• An introduction to 4-Square Eating
• An explanation of the tests involved to evaluate both sides of your metabolism
• An introduction to special testing for your gut and GI system and your adrenal glands
• Supplements available for healing and health maintenance
• Help with other testing you may need for your lipid levels or thyroid and sex hormone levels.

Your initial health consultation is $150.

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