Heal your metabolism. Balance your hormones. Lose weight!

Now’s your chance to heal your metabolism, feel healthy and lose weight naturally. As a certified Schwarzbein practitioner, Dr. Zena will lead you through The Schwarzbein Principle’s 5 Steps to Healing.

Saturday, November 26 , 1 - 5 pm

Edina Country Club 5100 Wooddale Avenue
Cost: $75
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VISA/MasterCard accepted
Class size limited to 12

You’ll learn:
• Why diets don’t work
• Where you are on the healthy/damaged metabolism continuum
• 4- Square eating
• How to keep your hormones balanced
• Why “hormonally balanced exercise” is so important and why cardio can hurt you
• How food allergies & gut problems may be ruining your health and making you fat
• Why you are “addicted” to certain foods
• Why you use “toxic chemicals” (coffee, alcohol, sugar, cigarettes)
• Why supplements are critical after age 35
• Meal planning~ dairy free and gluten free menus
• How stress ruins your body and metabolism and sets you up to fail
• Why 8 hours of sleep is so important to your health and weight
• The 4 stages of healing
And lots more!

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