Q: I’ve read several of Dr. Schwarzbein’s books and she talks about insulin resistance and burned out adrenal glands. Do we cover this in the class, and do you do the testing for these conditions?
A: In Dr Schwarzbein’s book “The Transition” she divides your current metabolic state into 4 different categories. She found this to be confusing to many people who attempted to heal their metabolism without the help of a doctor. In her latest book “The Program” she classifies your metabolism in 2 categories, “healthy” or “damaged”. We will cover this in class, and yes, I do have available the testing to determine whether your metabolism is insulin resistant, diabetic, adrenal burned out or healthy.

Q: Is the testing covered by my insurance?
A: Everyone’s insurance is different. Some of the testing is “functional medicine” (FM) and is not covered by insurance. The purpose of FM is to detect faulty function before it turns into a full blown disease process. Many traditional tests do not find a problem until you’ve already damaged or destroyed one of your body’s systems. The lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL’S, LDL’s, triglycerides etc) is typically covered by insurance. Sometimes your sex hormone levels are also covered. The adrenal test of saliva cortisol levels and the GI panel that tests saliva and stool samples for the health of your gut and immune system are cash tests. I accept VISA/MC and checks for these tests.

Q: I’m depressed and frustrated! I’m not sure what happened to me. I seemed to be fine until I hit 40, and now everything’s changed! I still eat the same and I’m exercising, but I can’t seem to lose any weight! I feel bloated all the time and moody. I’m not sure if I have a “head” problem or a “body” problem. Can your class help me?
A: Actually, your “head” and “body” problems most likely go together. Here’s how. After age 35 we genetically/physiologically can’t produce the same hormones and enzymes we use to. You’re losing hormones to the brain called neurotransmitters (like serotonin, the feel-good hormone) and hormones in your body that keep your lean and strong (like human growth hormone) and enzymes in your stomach and pancreas that help you digest and eliminate your food. All this sets the stage for metabolic imbalance and the beginning of degenerative diseases like diabetes, menopause, heart disease, and obesity. This class will teach you how to eat correctly, take supplements and test your gut to help you stay balanced, fit and healthy.

Q: I have been to Weight Watchers in the past and have successfully lost weight on their program. Unfortunately I have gained some back and struggled to lose again. I crave sweets! How is the Schwarzbein Program different and do you think I will lose weight on this program?
A: I too was a Weight Watcher at one time-28 years ago! I went on my first diet at age 16. I lost 25 pounds (a lot when you’re in high school and want to look like the other girls) but I continued to struggle with my weight the rest of my life. I was always thinking about what to eat, what not to eat, I really should lose 10 pounds, and I was always hungry and craving something. I felt food/weight obsessed, and I was moody too. Once I began the Schwarzbein program I didn’t feel hungry anymore, my cravings went away, and my moods balanced out. After a time I began to lose weight naturally. The best part was I stopped obsessing about food and my weight. I felt healthier, more alive, and I was a nicer person!

Q: How long will it take me to lose weight on the Schwarzbein Program?
A: To be honest, it depends how damaged your metabolism is. The program is really a healing program. Once your body and hormones are balanced and healthy, you will begin to burn fat efficiently and lose weight naturally. There are 4 stages to the healing program:

1. Your Starting Point. Unfortunately we can’t start with the metabolism you wish you had, we have to start with the metabolism you do have! Depending on your health and habits and your history of dieting, we have to go back and heal the past first. Don’t be discouraged though, you will begin to feel better and everyday you do something right to heal you’re one step closer to being better forever!
2. The Healing Phase. This is where your body begins to repair itself. Sometimes this feels like “suspended animation!” You’re doing all these things right but you can’t see the results yet. Healing is an “inside” job. You have to be patient! In this phase you may have disturbing symptoms and may actually have to gain some fat to heal. This phase may last months or years. Don’t worry, it’s all good!
3. The Fat Burning phase. After your body has done all it’s rebuilding, your hormones are normalized and your metabolism is healed, you will begin to lose excess fat weight as you use up your fat stores for energy to help you regenerate!
4. The Healed State. All your hormones are balanced and you have your ideal body composition. You feel healthy and well and are at the least risk for the degenerative diseases of aging like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart attack, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Q: I’ve heard a lot of scary things about hormone replacement. I’m getting to the age where I think I might need it but I’m not sure and I’m concerned about the risks. I read in her book that Dr. Schwarzbein uses hormones in her program. Am I a candidate for them? How do I know they’re safe?
A: This class will introduce the concept of hormone replacement. If you’re really interested to know more about your situation, you will need to schedule an individual consultation. I am very sensitive to your concerns in this area. My own mom died of breast cancer induced by the improper use of a synthetic hormone replacement pill called Prempro. We now know that Prempro increases the incidence of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke & Alzheimer’s. I think Dr. Schwarzbein’s approach to hormone replacement is right on, and I have had safe, effective results with the patients I have consulted with on her protocol.

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