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"One Minute at a Time" 

Are you finding it hard to make time for exercise?  Would you be interested in an exercise program that can be easily incorporated into your work day without the need for a dedicated block of time usually needed by most programs? To combat the alarming trends of declining fitness, along with the demanding time constraints and hectic lifestyles dictated by today’s society, X-iser has developed an innovative exercise program based upon the sound training concepts of interval training.

The Short Burst Exercise Program™ is a unique program where the goal is to complete 12, one-minute bouts of stepping per week in the Short Burst Exercise Form. Although any combination of the 12 minutes can accomplish the goal, it is recommended to complete 4 one-minute bouts per day, 3 days per week. Complete each blast as fast as you can for 60 seconds, or to fatigue. For maximum effect, complete each 60-second blast as three 20-second mini blasts with 20 seconds of recovery between each mini blast. While producing significant results with a minimal investment of time, this Program is excellent for the busy individual. The recovery times between exercises may be varied to suit one’s needs. For example, rest times of one hour will not induce perspiration and, therefore, fit well into a work day at the office. The Program can be a stand alone program for some and a compliment for others.

The Short Burst Exercise Program™ is essentially an interval training regimen with extended recovery periods.  Interval training has been used successfully by world class athletes for decades, but only now has it been made practical for people from all walks of life.  In combination with the uniquely responsive X-iser Machine™, the program will allow you to incorporate achievement of your health, fitness, and weight management goals into your daily routine.  By performing as little as 12 minutes of vigorous stepping spread conveniently throughout the week, you can improve strength, balance, and coordination; increase muscle mass and shed fat; and better prepare yourself for life’s urgencies. Through this approach, you can burn more calories in significantly less time. The hands-free design of the machine promotes the development of stabilizer muscles and correct posture, thus improving balance and allows for the use of dumbbells once one has progressed to this level.

It is important to not be misled into thinking that if you do not perspire, you are not getting a good work out; or that 12 minutes per week is insufficient time to challenge you.  After experiencing the Short Burst Exercise Program™, any such thoughts will be quickly discarded!  However, for those that would like evidence right now, one can read the abstract of a recently published article in the Journal of Applied Physiology. This study demonstrated that just 16 minutes worth of sprint interval training over a two week period doubled the participants endurance capacity. We have done similar studies ourselves using the X-iser Machine with similar results.

Reproduced with permission of SMITH Enterprises.