Short Burst Exercise Form

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The X-iser
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Short Burst Exercise Program

Short Burst Exercise Form

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Set the resistance for the desired frequency of stepping.  A lighter resistance will allow for a higher frequency and a greater intensity.  If balance support is needed, place the machine next to a wall, table or other secure structure.  Try not to continuously hold the support and one will quickly improve balance.

1. Stand on the machine so that both pedals are even. Begin with the whole foot placed on the pedal. Maintain a good posture by keeping your shoulders directly over your ankles.

2. Drop your knees forward and down so that you lower your center of mass, keeping your back straight and maintaining your shoulders over your ankles. While in this position, maintain a level belt line (neutral pelvis) by tighten your gluteals and abdominals.

3. As you step, imagine you are balancing a glass of water on your head. As you drive down with one leg, resist with the other on the upstroke (always push down, never lift up). This will keep you from "bobbing" up and down, and will increase the intensity of the exercise.

4. Holding dumbbells by your side increases the intensity of the exercise. An advanced exercise is to continually double curl and press the dumbbells while stepping; begin with a light weight (e.g. 2 to 5 lb.) when first trying this. Increasing the weight over time dramatically elevates the intensity.

The level of difficulty can be increased by moving the feet further back on the pedals. Increasing the speed of stepping increases both the level of difficulty and intensity.  However, progress slowly and safely to avoid any injuries.



Reproduced with permission of SMITH Enterprises.