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The history of all stepping machines dates back to the results of two research projects conducted at the University of Alberta, Canada in 1977 by Dr. Juris Terauds, Professor of Biomechanics. Through this research came the invention of The X-iser Machine™ and the founding of X-iser Industries by Dr. Terauds.

The X-iser Machine™ was unveiled by X-iser at the National Sporting Goods Show in Chicago, 1991 and shown again at the Atlanta Super Show in 1992.

The X-iser Machine™ was recognized as the best value fitness innovation of 1992 by U.S. News & World Report (January, 1993).

The X-iser Machine™, invented and patented by Dr. Terauds, is the most practical, efficient, and biomechanically sound stepping machine available today. Thorough research of all aspects and parameters of stepping and the biomechanical efficiency of The X-iser Machine™ was conducted by world renowned experts in the field of Biomechanics. These experts included Dr. Hans J. Gros of the University of Stuttgart in Germany, Dr. Iraklis Tsarouchas of the University of Teseloniki in Greece, Dr. Anthony Bauer of Lakehead University in Thunderbay, Canada, as well as Dr. Pierre Garvais and Dr. Juris Terauds of the University of Alberta in Canada.

The X-iser Machine™ was engineered to ensure correct hip and knee alignment, providing an optimal, impact free workout. The hands-free design promotes the development of stabilizer muscles and correct posture, thus improving balance.

The X-iser Machine™ is the only stepper available with true variable resistance. First, an adjustable valve enables the user to adapt step velocity/intensity in accordance with body weight. Second, the patented interactive variable resistance hydraulic system allows The X-iser Machine™ to respond to one’s every step (at any given intensity setting, the force exerted by the user will equal the force returned by the machine).

The X-iser Machine™ is constructed of an aluminum aircraft alloy that not only makes it durable but also extremely lightweight (14 lbs). The machines weight and portability makes for easy storage and enables the owner to take it where ever they need to be.

The best exercise machine is the one that will be used. In combination, The X-iser Machine™ and the Short Burst Exercise Program™ produce the most practical and efficient exercise system available on the market today. This system will allow the American public to achieve their essential fitness goals in spite of the overwhelming demands and time constraints of today’s society. "I don’t have the time to exercise" is no longer a valid excuse.

The X-iser Machine™ comes with a genuine five year consumer warranty because we at X-iser realize that proper health and fitness requires a serious commitment.


Reproduced with permission of SMITH Enterprises.